FIMA| Federazione Italiana di Matematica Applicata


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The goals of the Federation are:

  • bring together, promote and encourage scientific, technical and application studies in the field of Applied Mathematics;
  • encourage the exchange of information and relationships between the various bodies involved in Applied Mathematics, promote the signing of agreements with these bodies and participation in international organizations;
  • promote congresses, seminars and workshops;
  • encourage scientific research and the establishment of research groups;
  • encourage and stimulate the dissemination and teaching of Applied Mathematics;
  • promote specific scientific publications and dissemination of the subject.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dario Pacciarelli President (Roma Tre University)
Prof. Silvio Ghilardi (University of Milan) – AILA
Prof. Sandra Carillo (University of Rome – Sapienza) – AIMETA
Prof. Bruno Viscolani (University of Padova) – AMASES
Prof. Luca Formaggia (Politecnico di Milano) – SIMAI
Prof. Giuseppe Mastronardi (Politecnico di Bari) – AICA
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